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Thomas McEvilley

Thomas McEvilley

Writer, Historian, Scholar, Art Critic, Poet



ESTATE AND LITERARY EXECUTORS:   Thomas (IV) and Monte McEvilley.



Thomas McEvilley's physical archive collection is the Property and Provenance of his Estate.  It holds over forty years of research and materials from the fields he covered extensively:  Modern and Post-Modern Art, Art Criticism, Theory, Art History, Religion, and Greek and Indian Philosophy.  As well are letters and ephemera from some of the most original and creative minds of his generation.

Thomas McEvilley made no gifts from his archive collection to any individual or institution.  All its letters, ephemera, manuscripts and other materials, whether whole or in part, are the Provenance of his Estate.  It is our wish to place them in an academic or research institution for the benefit of scholars.

Only the above-named Executors are authorized to represent, donate, place, consign or sell from the Archive Collection of Thomas McEvilley, or any part thereof. 

Former Executrix was removed by the Court in 2016.  Contracts, arrangements and agreements with former Executrix may no longer be valid.  Please contact us with questions.


In 2017, copyright for the works of Thomas McEvilley was transferred to the Thomas McEvilley Archive, LLC.  The Thomas McEvilley Archive, LLC (TMA-LLC) has three members.  Each member has an equal share.  Members are Thomas (IV) and Monte McEvilley, and Joyce Burstein.


Thomas and Monte McEvilley are the sole managers, collectors and distributors of all LLC monies, royalties, payments, etc., for any works and activities of the TMA-LLC. Payments must be directed to the Estate address in Los Angeles, 90035. No single member or manager of the TMA-LLC may collect a commission, stipend, or profit from any works or activities therein.


All acts, permissions, licensing, reprints, etc., for the works of the TMA-LLC are subject to the consent and approval of at least two members.

For issues or disputes arising from the management of the LLC, please feel free to contact us.

Notable Friends and Associates of Thomas McEvilley:

Anselm Kiefer

Julian Schnabel

James Lee Byars


Eric Orr

Marina Abramovic

Anish Kapoor

Thornton Dial

Leon Golub

William Anastasi

Bernar Venet

Dennis Oppenheim

Museum of Modern Art

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